Embedding Images & Markdown

You can include markdown code in your feature files with the standard Markdown features such as bold,italic, lists etc.

>Note: SpecFlow+LivingDoc supports the mark down syntax by showdown.js.

You can also use markdown to embed images in your feature files. These images will then be displayed when viewing LivingDoc

Embedding Images

When embedding images, the path to the image can be specified as a relative or absolute path. You can also embed images stored externally, such as on a website. Paths are relative to the location of the feature file.

Here are the possible ways to embed to images in feature files:

Embedding an image in the same directory as the feature file

![Alt text](image.png)

Embedding an image in a sub-directory

![Alt text](folder/image.png)

Embedding an image with an absolute reference

![Alt text](/folder/image.png)

Embedding an image relative to the parent directory

![Alt text](../image.png)

Embedding an external image

![Alt text](HTTPS://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQyBVE0UKugTT3yaJZ7fpr1nVK_RC9R5853AodqdLWMcsDl4PQw)



The following code demonstrates the use of Markdown syntax for arbitrary text within a feature file.

Note: Asterisks cannot be used as bullet points below the scenario declarations becuase they are a gherkin keyword (see here).

Feature: Calculator

Some text:
- List item 1
- List item 2

Scenario: Add two numbers

Some more text:
- Scenario text 1
- Scenario text 2
- Scenario text 3

	Given the first number is 50
	And the second number is 70
	When the two numbers are added
	Then the result should be 120

This is the resulting output in SpecFlow+ LivingDoc:

Internal link in Gherkin