Configuring the Build Step in YAML

YAML is whitespace sensitive. Please copy and paste the example in a text editor with syntax highlighting (e.g. Notepad++).

For information on the YAML schema, see the Microsoft reference guide for Azure Pipelines YAML schema.

SpecFlow+LivingDoc custom build step YAML example:

-task: techtalk.techtalk-specflow-plus.specflow-plus.SpecFlowPlus@0
  displayName: 'SpecFlow+ build step SpecFlow.Plus.Runner.Specs'
    projectFilePath: Tests/SpecFlow.Plus.Runner.Specs/Features
    projectName: testName
    projectLanguage: en
    workItemPrefix: testPrefix
  enabled: false
  continueOnError: true
  condition: always()
  timeoutInMinutes: 10
  • task: techtalk.techtalk-specflow-plus.specflow-plus.SpecFlowPlus@0
    • @value is the task version number
  • displayName: (required)

LivingDoc specific parameters (inputs):

  • projectFilePath: The folder containing the feature files or the path of a .NET Full FrameWork project file containing the feature files (required)
  • projectName: The name of the project visible in the viewer
  • projectLanguage: Gherkin languages
  • workItemPrefix: The special prefix for tags used to add a link to a work item in Azure DevOps. For example, setting this to “DEVOPS_WI:” will allow you to tag a feature with @DEVOPS_WI:1234, and this tag will be converted to a link to work item 1234 when viewing the feature in LivingDoc.

Non-LivingDoc specific parameters:

  • enabled: boolean (not needed when true)
  • continueOnError: boolean (not needed when false)
  • condition:
selection YAML value
Only when all previous tasks have succeeded (nothing)
Even if a previous task has failed, unless the build was canceled succeededOrFailed()
Even if a previous task has failed, even if the build was canceled always()
Only when a previous task has failed failed()
Custom conditions (custom condition)
  • timeoutInMinutes: Specifies the maximum time, in minutes, that a task is allowed to execute before being canceled by server (zero value indicates an infinite timeout)