Using the command line tool


livingdoc - The generic driver for the LivingDoc Generator CLI.



Path to the generated FeatureData.json file If the path to the file contains a space, make sure to enclose it in quotes.


  • --output <path>

    Relative (from the working directory) or abosulte path to the generated HTML. Default value: LivingDoc.html

  • --workItemPrefix <prefix>

    The special tag you mark the scenarios with to link them to the respecting work items.

  • --workItemUrlTemplate <urlTemplate>

    The URL template to use to generate the work item links. e.g:{id}

  • --title <documentTitle>

    The title/header of the generated document. Default value: The root folder node’s name.

    ../_images/Document-without-title.PNGLivingDoc with default title


Generate the Living Documentation from the FeatureData.json:

livingdoc C:\Work\FeatureData.json
livingdoc FeatureData.json

Generate the Living Documentation with a custom title/header:

livingdoc C:\Work\FeatureData.json --title "BookShop"

../_images/Document-title.PNGLivingDoc with custom title

Generate the Living Documentation for a specific output path:

livingdoc C:\Work\FeatureData.json --output C:\Temp\MyReport.html

Generate the Living Documentation with work item prefix and work item URL template:

livingdoc C:\Work\FeatureData.json --workItemPrefix WI --workItemUrlTemplate{id}