Editing feature filesΒΆ

If your source code (feature files) is stored in an Azure DevOps or GitHub repository, you can switch directly from the living documentation to the source feature files. You can then edit the feature files directly in Azure DevOps or on GitHub.

In Azure DevOps Repos the editor supports syntax highlighting for the following Gherkin localizations:

  • English
  • German

../_images/syntax-highlight.PNGSyntax highlighting

To edit feature file:

  1. Open the corresponding page in the living documentation.
  2. Click on Open Editor at the top of the page.../_images/open-editor.PNGOpen Editor Note: If your feature files are stored in a source other than Azure DevOps or GitHub, this option is not available.
  3. The corresponding source feature file in your code repository is opened. You can Edit the file directly in Azure DevOps or GitHub.../_images/edit-file.PNGEdit Note: You may need to merge any conflicts that arise from your edits.