Configuring the Build Step in DevOps

To add the build step in Azure DevOps:

  1. Select Pipelines | Pipelines from the menu in Azure DevOps.
  2. Locate the desired pipeline from the list (or add a new one) and select Edit to edit it.../_images/Edit-build.pngEdit build
  3. The current tasks are displayed on the left in the Tasks tab:../_images/Build_task.pngBuild Steps
  4. Click on the plus icon next to your agent to add a new build step.
  5. Add the SpecFlow+ LivingDoc build step to your build to generate the living documentation.
  6. Enter the path to your feature files in the Feature folder field in the SpecFlow+ build step. All feature files in the selected folder and all its sub-folders are included in your living documentation.
  7. Enter a Project Name. This name is used by the root node in the tree. If you do not enter a name here, the name of the Visual Studio project is used instead.
  8. Select the language used by your Gherkin files under Project Language. (If you have referenced a .csproj file, this information is read from the app.config file.)
  9. If you have added links to Azure DevOps work items to your feature files using tags, enter the prefix used to identify the work items here. For example, if you enter “DEVOPS_WI:” as the work item prefix and define the tag “@DEVOPS_WI:1234” in your feature file, the tag will link to work item 1234 when displayed in LivingDoc.
  10. Make sure the step is enabled under Control Options.
  11. If you want to include Gherkin files from multiple projects, add a separate build step for each of your projects.

Once you have defined your build, you are ready to build your documentation by queuing the build.