Adding a Build StepΒΆ

Generating living documentation from your Gherkin files with SpecFlow+ LivingDoc requires you to add the SpecFlow+ build step to your build process. This build step parses the Gherkin files in your solution and formats them for display in DevOps/VSTS/TFS.

The build step requires .NET Core 3.1 installed on the build agent. If you use Microsoft hosted agents it is automatically available. Alternatively you can use the Use .NET Core task to install the .NET Core version.

Please note the build step only generates the documentation; it does not execute any tests or build your solution.

There are two ways to configure the build step, see the appropriate chapter depending on the type of build:

Note: You do not need to use DevOps/VSTS/TFS to actually build your application. You can simply add a build definition that acquires the sources and generates the documentation.