Every time you change a map in SpecMap, a snapshot of the map is stored. You can restore these snapshots if you realise you want to undo your changes. A total of 10 snapshots are stored:

  • The 5 most recent changes to the map are stored as separate snapshots.
  • An additional snapshot is taken every 5 changes, and 5 of these less frequent snapshots are also stored.

Restoring a Snapshot

To restore a snapshot:

  1. Locate the map whose snapshot you want to restore in the list, and click on … to open the menu.
  2. Select Edit details from the menu. A window opens displaying the map’s details:
    Edit details
    The first 5 entries (red) in the Snapshots list are the 5 most recent changes to the map. The last 5 entries (blue) are snapshots that are saved every 5 hanges.
  3. Click on Restore this version next to the snapshot you want to restore.
  4. The map is restored and added to the list of maps, including the time stamp of the snapshot:
    Restored map