Working with Slices

In addition to adding new slices using the plus icon, you can rearrange the order of slices. You can also split an existing slice vertically or merge a slice with the slice below it.

Reordering Slices

To reorder a slice:

  1. Click anywhere on the box representing the slice on the left of your map and keep the mouse button pressed.
  2. Drag the slice to the space between slices to move the slice there. A blue bar indicates the new position of the slice:
    Drag slice
  3. Release the mouse button.

Splitting a Slice

Note: You cannot split a slice that only contains a single row or items; the slice must have at least two rows.

To split a slice:

  1. Click on the … icon next to the name of the slice:
  2. Select Split from the menu:
  3. Dashed lines are displayed where you can split the slice:
    Dashed lines
  4. Move your mouse cursor over the dashed line where you want to split the slice. The mouse cursor changes to indicate that you can split the slice here.
  5. Click on the dashed line. The slice is split into two at the selected position:
    Click on the dashed line

Merging Slices

You can merge two neighbouring slices together. To do so:

  1. Click on the … icon next to the name of the top slice you want to merge:
  2. Select Merge below from the menu.
  3. The slice is merged with the slice below it. Your layout is retained; the items in the bottom slice are arranged below the items in the top slice when merging.