Arranging and Prioritising User StoriesΒΆ

Once you have added your user stories, the next step is to assign them to the user activities they support (horizontally), and prioritise them (vertically) within this user activity. The story map visualizes, how the user journey (user activity steps) will be supported incrementally with additional features of the product described by the user stories. Drag user stories on the story map to the desired position on the map.

You can place items on either side of existing items, as well as above or below them. In this case a new row or column will be added to the map, pushing down or left all other items on the map. This is useful for keeping positions of other cards on the map stable relative to each other (e.g. priority). A red bar is displayed to indicate where the item will be positioned:

Arranging user story

You can also change priority in a single column, without affecting other columns on the map, by dropping an item on a card: Prioritize within a column

You can now prioritise your work items visually, and assign different items to different iterations/sprints based on their priority:

Prioritise work items