Usage Analytics

In order to improve the quality of SpecFlow and understand how it is used, we collect anonymous usage data via Azure Application Insights, an analytics platform provided by Microsoft. We do not collect any personally identifiable information, but information such as the Visual Studio version, operating system, MSBuild version, target frameworks etc.

For more details on the information collected by Application Insights, see our privacy policy.

You can disable these analytics as follows:

  • Select Tools | Options from the menu in Visual Studio, and navigate to *SpecFlow in the list on the left. Set Opt-Out of Data Collection to “True”. This disables analytics collected by the Visual Studio extension (see “SpecFlow Visual Studio Extension” in the privacy policy for details).

  • Define an environment variable called SPECFLOW_TELEMETRY_ENABLED and set its value to 0. This disables all analytics, i.e. those collected by both the extension and SpecFlow itself (see “SpecFlow” and “SpecFlow Visual Studio Extension” in the privacy policy for details)