SpecFlow Sample Projects

You can find sample SpecFlow projects on GitHub. If you have any projects worth sharing, please consider adding them to the repository.

SpecFlow+ Sample Projects

You can find a number of SpecFlow+ sample projects on GitHub. This repository contains the following sample projects:

  • Getting_Started: Simple calculator project based on the Getting Started guide with a single SpecFlow+ Runner test
  • SeleniumGridWebTest: A sample project using Selenium Grid Web with SpecFlow+ Runner
  • SeleniumWebTest: A sample project using Selenium Web with SpecFlow+ Runner. This project also demonstrates how to include screnshots in your HTML report. Refer to the documentation for more details on embedding screenshots.
  • WindowsAppDriver: Using WindowsAppDriver with SpecFlow+ Runner
  • CustomDeploymentSteps: Sample project based on the WindowsAppDriver project demonstrating custom deployment steps
  • FilterExample: Sample project using filters to only run a subset of tests
  • MultipleReports: Sample project using SpecFlow+ Runner to output multiple reports using custom templates
  • TestThreadIsolation: Sample project showing the effects of different test thread isolation configurations for multithreaded testing
  • AppVeyor_Support: Sample project showing how to use SpecFlow+Runner with AppVeyor

Given-When-Then Challenge Sample Projects

You can find here the sample projects for the Given-When-Then With Style series.

Community Sample Projects

Do you know any further SpecFlow examples you would recommend? Please let us know on LinkedIn, tweet us @specflow or just send us a pull request on GitHub