Public Roadmap


In Progress

  • Working with Bindings and Gherkin Feature Files in JetBrains Rider.
    • We will improve the navigation to and from bindings and will enable the generation of skeleton code including step definition methods from feature files.


  • Understanding why certain scenarios or steps fail during test execution.


  • Quickly share a feature file with a team member/stakeholder.
  • Write and edit Feature Files directly on a Backlog Item.
    • We will enable a way to write, edit and save your Gherkin feature files directly in the work item details page of Azure DevOps.
  • Sign-up for your SpecFlow account using GitHub.
    • We will enable the sign-up with GitHub for your SpecFlow account. Register once and get the most out of SpecFlow. Use SpecFlow+ Runner, SpecFlow+ LivingDoc (only needed for Azure DevOps) and SpecMap completely for free, no license costs.

Feature Requests and Feedback

Help us shape our roadmap by submitting your feature requests and joining our inner circle.