The SpecFlow+ Runner is out of maintenance. Read more about it here.

Welcome to SpecFlow+ Runner’s documentation!

SpecFlow+ Runner is a dedicated test runner for SpecFlow that integrates directly with Visual Studio. You can also execute tests from the command line.

SpecFlow+ include the following features:

  • Visual Studio integration (syntax coloring, auto completion, navigation, skeleton generation, Gherkin table formatting)
  • Visual Studio Test Explorer integration (business readable scenario names, run/debug from feature file)
  • Advanced test runner features: execution profiles, target environments, attach artifacts to test execution reports, TFS integration, TeamCity integration, complex scenario filter expressions
  • Dedicated support for integration test execution (config file transformation and deployment steps, test targets: re-run tests for different environments and configurations, detect flickering scenarios)
  • Parallel test execution (app domain isolation, process isolation, execution results consolidation)
  • Advanced test execution scheduling (run previously failing tests first, retry scenarios, execution history available as OData)
  • Customizable HTML reports (Razor templates)

If you are new to SpecFlow+, we recommend you to check out the Getting Started guides as a starting point.

A number of example projects have also been put together by the SpecFlow team and the community here .