The SpecFlow+ Runner is out of maintenance. Read more about it here.


SpecFlow+ Runner (SpecRun) is distributed as a NuGet package, see the link below:

> Note: Installation of this package also automatically installs the SpecFlow NuGet package.

If you are new to SpecFlow and the SpecFlow+ ecosystem please check out our Getting Started guide. You will be guideded step by step through a sample project where you will learn how to install and use SpecFlow’s core proudcts; SpecFlow, SpecFlow+Runner, and SpecFlow+LivingDoc.


1- If you picked SpecFlow+ Runner as your preferred test runner,a message is written to the console when you try to execute your tests with SpecFlow+ Runner for the first time. In Visual Studio it looks like this:


2- Copy the activation link from the test output and open it in your browser.

3- You should now see a welcome screen, click the Sign in with Microsoft button. Preferably, use your work or student Microsoft account to sign in, but if your professional account is restricted and you run into issues you can always use your personal Microsoft account.

> If run into issues here, it might be that your Active Directory admin needs to grant you and your team permission to use the SpecFlow+ Runner due to your organizations’ Active Directory configuration. Learn more about admin consents here.

4- After the authentication with the selected account, Microsoft will ask for your permission to sign in to Specflow and share your basic profile information with Specflow. You have to “Accept” the permission request to continue.


5- Next, you will be asked three simple questions, fill them in and hit create account.


6- After you finished the sign-up, return to your IDE and run your tests again.

> Note: Please note that an activation is needed for each user/machine.

  • This video is part of our Getting Started guide which covers the activation of SpecFlow+Runner. If you are new to SpecFlow, we highly recommend that you go through this guide from the first step. You will learn the basics on not only SpecFlow+Runner but also SpecFlow and SpecFlow+LivingDoc.