Welcome to the Step-By-Step Getting Started Guide!

Before you start

This guide is aimed at more technical users who are familiar with Visual Studio and have a basic understanding of C#. You must also have Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or later installed on your machine before you start this guide.

If you don’t fall into the category of users mentioned above then we recommend you to learn more about SpecFlow before pairing up with a more technical person and continuing this guide.

What will you learn in this Guide?

The guide will take you through the process of setting up your first SpecFlow project and automate a simple Gherkin specification against a sample application.

*Estimated total time: 60 minutes

What is not part of this guide?

If you like to use additional automation libraries that can be used together with SpecFlow (e.g. Selenium for UI automation), you can check the Bookshop example Intro .

Do you need any further help?

Join our next onboarding webinar to help you get started with SpecFlow.

You can also get help by reaching out to our support team here.