The SpecFlow+ Runner is out of maintenance. Read more about it here.

Registering SpecFlow+ (V3.0 & 3.1)

This is only needed for SpecFlow+ 3.1 and earlier. From SpecFlow 3.2 onwards you need to sign up for a free SpecFlow account in order to use SpecFlow+. Learn more about the SpecFlow account here.

SpecFlow.Plus.License is used to register/unregister your license and display information on your current license. Information on installing the licensing tool can be found here.

SpecFlow.Plus.License uses the getopt syntax. Options need to be specified with a double dash before the option, e.g. specflow-plus-license register --help displays the help for the register command.



This command registers a license key for the current Windows user. The license is written to a file stored in %appdata%\TechTalk\SpecFlowPlus\license.


specflow-plus-license register --licenseKey <LicenseKey> --issuedTo <IssuedTo> <options>

The license key and licensee (issued to) are required to register a license. If the licensee contains a space, make sure to enclose it in quotes.

You will receive an email containing your license key and the licensee (issued to). Please keep the email with your license details in case you need to register the license again on a different machine!


specflow-plus-license register --licenseKey ABCDEFG123 --issuedTo "John Doe"

Migrating Previous Licenses

Prior to SpecFlow 3, license keys were stored in the registry. However the .NET Core licensing tool cannot access licenses stored in the registry. If you intend to use SpecFlow+ with .NET Core and have already registered your license key, you can migrate your old key using the following command: specrun migrate-license

This will copy your existing license from the registry to a local file that can be read by the .NET Core licensing tool.


This command removes the license registered to the current Windows user.


specflow-plus-license unregister


This command displays information about the license registered on the current machine, as well as information on the version of the licensing tool.


specflow-plus-license about

Sample Output

*** SpecFlow+ Licensing Tool ***

Version 1.8.5+g20ae9ada16
Assembly Version
Released 2015-03-03

Copyright c 2011-2018 TechTalk

Build date: 2015-03-03
The registered license is registered for John Doe and is will expire <expiration date>.


This command displays the assembly’s version information.


specflow-plus-license version

Note: You can also append --version as an option to any available command to display the version information, e.g. specflow-plus-license register --version.


This command displays the help information, either for a specific command, or for all available commands.

Example: specflow-plus-license help register


specflow-plus-license help <command>

The command is optional; if no command is specified, the help information for all commands is displayed.

Note: You can also append --help as an option to any available command to display the help for that command, e.g. specflow-plus-license register --help.