Working with generated files

The SpecFlow+ Excel NuGet package configures the project to use SpecFlow’s build time generation feature by adding an MsBuild target to the project file. This ensures that the tests in the Excel files are re-generated when necessary. This build time generation works with the normal generation process triggered by saving feature files in Visual Studio. A positive side-effect of this is that you no longer need to store the generated files in your source control! You can configure your source control system to ignore the following patterns (e.g. by adding these lines to .gitignore):

  • *.feature.cs
  • *.feature.xlsx.*

Note: The current version of SpecFlow+ Excel uses an updated version of the SpecFlow MsBuild integration. This updated version is included in the SpecFlow.Plus.Excel NuGet package and configures the project to use this updated version. If you previously enabled build time generation with SpecFlow, update the referenced target file to point to the one from this package.