Excel Examples File Format

General Rules

We recommend that you take a look at this sample feature file and its related Excel file, which includes additional examples for the feature file, before studying rules in detail.

  • Values (in particular non-string values) entered in cells are converted according to the general cell conversion rules.
  • You can use Excel formulas in the Excel file. The plugin uses the result of the formula result to execute your tests.
  • Empty Excel rows are ignored.
  • Merged cells: Gherkin tables do not support merged cells, so merged cells are converted so that the first cell contains the value and the other cells are empty.
  • The first row in the sheet is the examples header row, and must match to the header row specified in the feature file (same columns, same order).

Excel examples matching to the Gherkin scenario outline examples

Excel Gherkin
Workbook (Excel file) Container for multiple example sets
Worksheet Scenario Outline examples
Worksheet first row Examples header. The header row in the feature file and the Excel file must match (same columns, same order).
Worksheet further rows Examples table