Welcome to SpecFlow Gherkin Editor Documentation!

The Gherkin Editor is a tool that allows you to write, download and share Gherkin Feature Files. it is bundled with a number of handy features to enable teams to collaborate more efficiently and write better Gherkin.

The Gherkin Editor is constantly improving with additional features added based on what our user community requests. Therefore, if you see a functionally that would enhance the editor make sure you head to our feature requests page and added it there or vote for it if it has already been raised by another community member.

Interactive Documentation

Below is an interactive document showing you all the features the Gherkin Editor has. Click on blue highlighted features to explore their functionalities.


Here is a static version of the interactive document above:

Creating An Account

We recommend that you start by creating an account before using the Gherkin Editor. Creating an account unlocks two essential functionalities, Save and Share.

Creating an account is easy; click on Create an account, enter your first name, last name, and an email address to sign up.

Alternatively, you can sign in with your Microsoft account.




1. You can write Gherkin feature files in:

  • English

  • Deutsch

  • Español

  • Français

  • Nederlands

2. Undo your last change (Ctrl + Z).

3. Redo your last change (Ctrl + Y).

4. Copies the entire content of the feature file.

5. Downloads the feature file to your machine. The filename will always be the name of your feature, In this example, Calculator. feature. Edit the feature title to rename the file name.

6. You can see the account linked here and also logout if wish you to. You will also find your account settings here along with the dark mode option.

7. You can access the following resources from here:

  • Give Feedback

  • Contact Support

  • Learn Gherkin

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Privacy Policy

8. The share button will generate a link that you can use to share the feature file with your team.

There are three access level options here:


Only you can view and edit this file with this link



Anyone with this link can view and edit your file



Anyone with this link can view only

9. This area is where the magic happens! You write your Gherkin here and our intelligent editor will assist you with:

  • Highlighting of Gherkin keywords

  • Automatic table formatting

  • Variable highlighting

  • Validating your feature file

  • In addition to find and replace with plain text, the Find Widget also has three advanced search options:

    • Match Case

    • Match Whole Word

    • Regular Expression

Note: Editor has a 15 000 character limit and you can store a maximum of 25 feature files.

10. This takes you to your feature files homepage where you get an overview of all your feature files and also feature files that are shared with you. You can Delete, Download, and view the access level of your feature files from here:


11. Create a copy of the current feature file in a new browser tab.